Our next walk
Is on the 5th of February and includes Marton Mere and Stanley Park.

Wednesday Lecture, 12th January 2022 has now been CANCELLED
Because of rising COVID cases in the area it has been decided not to go ahead with this event.

Today’s walk IS CANCELLED
Just got back from a recce and the paths and roads are so bad that I’ve taken the decision to cancel today’s walk. Sorry folks, but it would have been horrible, and the cafe wouldn’t have been open to warm up afterwards anyway.

Our Jacob’s Join
Was on Wednesday, the 8th of December 2021, at Forest Gate Baptist Church. Members provided food and raffle prizes and we went through a large number of images taken by members during the Wednesday naturalist outings, which almost turned into a quiz to identify the images that appeared on the screen. All in all a very enjoyable evening.

Lytham Report
Simon has submitted a report with photos from yesterday’s walk at Lytham

Lily Crawford photos
Ann Smedley has sent in some photos of Lily which I’ve added to the post.

Lytham walk
It’s an easy flat walk of about two and and a half miles from Lytham Station car park through the main gate to Lytham Hall, where we’ll visit the boating lake, rose garden, vegetable garden, plant sales and cafe area and see a small exhibition of the Clifton family. From there we’ll climb the mount built over an ice house and return via Wytchwood. See the Programme Page for meeting details.

Lily Crawford
For those who may not be aware, Lily passed away recently (click here for more details and to leave a comment if you wish).

Scorton Reports
Dave and Simon have submitted reports and photos from the walk around Scorton and the meal at the Stepping Stones Restaurant.

Scorton walk and meal, 13th November 2021
We met at Claylands Caravan Park for a walk to Scorton and back before sitting down for a meal in the Stepping Stones Restaurant.

Presentation Evening, 10th November 2021
Mike Gosling informed us that he was unable to educate and amuse us on Wednesday 10th November because of health issues. Anne Smith kindly stepped into the breach and brought her light-hearted quiz forward from next March. It was an interesting and enjoyable evening with lots of head scratching, and hopefully we’ll remember some og the facts presented. Thank you Anne.

Penwortham Reports
Dave, Diane, Pauline and Simon have submitted reports and photos from Chris’ well attended walk at Penwortham.

Penwortham, 30th October 2021
This will be a circular walk in the Penwortham area. Since I have not received any information from the walk leader, tomorrow’s walk will now be a mystery tour of the Penwortham area.

Bleasdale, 16th October 2021
This will be a 6 mile circular walk in the Bleasdale area. Calling at Barton Grange on the way for toilets and refreshments, Dave will drop us off at Stang Yule on Delph Lane, and from there we will walk towards Bleasdale Tower. We turn left at Duckworth Barn and begin a steady walk up a long shallow incline that opens up into a valley from where we can see, to our right, Fairsnape Fell and Parlick.
After what I hope will be the only muddy section, we pass the gate to Bleasdale Circle on our left (click here for more information). Shortly afterwards we reach Bleasdale Church which has some benches, and this is where we will stop for lunch.
After lunch we walk downhill for a little while and then turn right, going further downhill before walking up the other side which takes us back to Duckworth Barn and then back to the coach. We will stop in Garstang for toilets and refreshments after the walk.

Wednesday Evening Presentations, Parking Restrictions
The parking situation at Forest Gate Baptist Church has changed since last year so it important that you are aware of the new rules. There are only three spaces available for us in the car park and the three who have parked must enter their details into the tablet on the right hand side as you enter the building. Failure to do so may result in a £100 fine.

As you were.
Julie has recently recced her proposed Ribchester walk (being done instead of Silverdale) and had to abort it because of fallen trees… so instead of Ribchester or the original destination of Silverdale, Julie will now be leading a walk from Yealand Redmayne to Beetham tomorrow.

Grasmere Reports
Carol, Diane, Jean and Pauline have submitted reports and photos from Diane’s well attended walk at Grasmere

Website updated
The website has been tweaked a bit with some renaming of sections. Links is now Websites, there is a new section for Nature News and I’ve added a guide to the site.

Grasmere, 18th September 2021
Diane will be leading a beautiful, scenic 6.5 mile circular walk from Grasmere village. We will pass by Dove Cottage and follow the Coffin Route to Rydal Mount, where will stop for our lunch break and you will have the chance to explore the gardens. We will then cross the busy A591, skirt Rydal Water and continue along the shoreline of Grasmere returning to the village for well earned refreshments.

Downham Reports
Jean, Julie, Karin, Pauline and Simon have all submitted reports and photos about the Downham walk.

Our first Presentation evening
Howard’s talk on penguins was fairly well attended given the circumstances. It was informative and entertaining, with a few questions being asked to see if we were listening. Clearly a lot of work had gone into the presentation, with facts and photos gathered from many sources, and it paid off. Howard is a good presenter who knows his stuff and also how to present. We are grateful that he stepped in at short notice and we’re looking forward to seeing Part 2 in the future.

Presentation evening saved
Howard Phillips has stepped forward to save the day. He is bringing his January 2022 presentation forward so that we can begin our Winter Presentations on time. His presentation is titled “Emperors, King & Royal – The March of The Penguins”. It should be an enjoyable and informative evening and a chance for some members to start socialising again after a long enforced break. The pastor has said that there are no restrictions, but we hope that everyone takes whatever precautions they are comfortable with.

The presentation will be on Wednesday 8th September at Forest Gate Baptist Church Hall, off Whitegate Drive, Blackpool FY3 9AW

Rivington Reports
Dave, Jean and Simon have submitted reports and photos from yesterday’s walk at Rivington, and Simon has uploaded the data from the walk.

Saturday 4th September 2021Downham (not Burton-in-Kendal!)
As you may have come to expect, we have another walk destination change. Julie says it is a beautiful 6 mile walk from Worston, through farmland and past streams, passing through Downham and back to the Calfs Head at Worston.

Possible delay to the start of the Presentations
Carole has recently been notified that our first speakers, Phil and Alan from Poulton Photographic Society, have both been notified about Covid contact and are unlikely to be able to present to us. If their situation improves, or Carole finds an alternative speaker, we’ll put the details here on the website.

Winter Presentations
These start on Wednesday 8th September at Forest Gate Baptist Church Hall, off Whitegate Drive, Blackpool FY3 9AW. The first presentation is a change from the one in the programme, and will be given by Phil Hodson and Alan Storey from Poulton Photographic Society (PPS). Their past talks have always been informative and interesting, and their photography is of a very high standard, both having helped the PPS to gain international recognition.

Saturday 21st August 2021Rivington (not Whalley!)
Hi everyone. Our walk at Rivington is the one that was planned for 24th July, and is approximately six and a half miles. We will be setting off from The Barn, where there are refreshments and toilets. The walk takes us through woods, fields and beautiful scenery and past reservoirs. There aren’t many stiles and the terrain is easy, with a few inclines but nothing strenuous. Please bring a packed lunch and something to drink, where we plan to stop for lunch is delightful. Hoping to see you all on the day, with (hopefully) good weather.
Take care, Dave & Carol.

Cockerham mid-week outing, 11th August 2021
Barry Dyson has provided a report of what they saw on their outing, which includes photos from Owen and Howard.

Walk maps
I have updated the maps page with details of our recent walks.

Hawthorne Park and Stanah mid-week outing, 4th August 2021
Howard Phillips has sent in a report of a recent local nature outing, which can be seen here. To view all reports click on the Reports tab at the top of any page.

Saturday 7th August 2021Ings (not Sedbergh!)
The coach will stop at Truckhaven for coffee and toilets around 10 o’clock. The walk around Ings has some great views of Windermere and the Lake District fells. It’s a walk I’ve led before but I’m making a few changes. The mileage will be reduced to around 5 miles, which will give us more time to admire the scenery and to go more slowly up the inclines. We will not be rushing at any point! The walk mainly has gates, with very few stiles, and is over a mixture of paths, tracks and lanes. I hope the weather is kind and that you’ll be able to join us. Chris B

Saturday 24th July 2021 – Rivington walk (now Beetham)
Because tomorrow’s walk leader is unwell the walk has been changed to Beetham, led by Chris Butler. The walk is approximately five and a half miles. We will be stopping at Truckhaven for drinks and toilets, before being dropped off at Beetham for a lovely walk which includes the Fairy Steps and a walk along the estuary.

Wednesday 21st July 2021 – Myers Allotment outing
Anne and Mike have had to cancel the mid-week outing this Wednesday because of the high temperature.

Wednesday 14th July 2021 – Stanley Park outing
The mid-week outing planned for 14th July in the Stanley Park area has now been cancelled due to the unavailability of Mike Gosling.

Saturday 10th July – Silverdale walk
Diane will be leading a 6 mile circular walk around Silverdale, an Area of Outstanding Beauty, on Saturday, 10th July.
We will start the walk at Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve, passing through fields, tracks and woods before reaching the Estuary. We will then continue along footpaths until we descend and pass by Leighton Hall, continuing on until we finally return to the RSPB Nature Reserve. We will have the opportunity to look in the Public Hides, where we may catch a glimpse of some spectacular wildlife including Otters, Bitterns, Bearded Tits and Marsh Harriers 🤞. We will then make our way to the Visitor Centre for refreshments.
Let’s hope we get some good weather!

Saturday 26th June – Arnside walk
There are two new reports with photos from Karin Worden and Simon Graham

Newbiggin Crag outing report
Barry Dyson has submitted a report about the Newbiggin Crag outing from 30th June 2021

Recent Saturday walk reports
Diane Whitworth sent a report with photos from our Arnside walk on the 26th June 2021,
and Jean Threlfall sent a report and these photos.
Linda Paterson Hoey sent a report with photos from our Marton Mere walk on the 12th June 2021.

Mere Sands Wood mid-week outing report, 16th June 2021
Owen and Carol have sent in a report from the outing.

Our next walk
Our first walk with a coach journey, postponed till after the lockdown easing, will be 26th June, with a change of location from Winster to Arnside.
The next coach outing will be to Silverdale on 10th July instead of Ulverston.
If members and non members could use this link to indicate their interest in the first two coach outings it would help with the organisation. We will not be taking bookings.
Since some venues may not be ready to receive coach outings yet, members are advised to bring extra refreshments and drinks. Toilet stops could be at Truckstop if required.
Ian wishes everyone to wear a face mask on the coach and he will provide hand sanitizer.

To try to co-ordinate future mid-week walks so that members have an idea who might turn up, I’ve created a Post similar to the one above for the coach outings, so that members can indicate their attendance.

Marton Mere walk
The walk round Marton Mere on Saturday 12th June was another opportunity for members to meet and catch up, and to again enjoy an easy walk in preparation for the more strenuous coach outings. The weather was good with a stop for ice creams and drinks in Stanley Park before walking back to the car park.

Brock Bottoms mid-week outing report
Anne and Mike have submitted a report of their walk at Brock Bottoms today, 2nd June 2021

June update
The walk on 29th May at Stanah was well attended and was the first opportunity for many members to meet up again. We hope to see you again for the walk round Marton Mere on 12th June, starting from The DeVere Hotel.
Please note that Dave’s walk on 24th July has been changed from Ambleside to Rivington.

May Update
Committee Quorum: Chris Butler, Simon Graham, Julie McGough, Diane Whitworth.
In accordance with Covid Regulations we met in the open at Stannah Country Park. All meetings and coach outings have been cancelled since March of 2020 but the programme has been drawn up for this year and we wanted to discuss when it could resume.
Lockdown easing on the 17th May means we can meet for a walk with members so we are advertising our first walk without a coach journey as 29th May, 1.00 pm, at Stanah Country Park and the second as 12th June, 1.00pm, at Devere, Blackpool.
Our first walk with a coach journey, postponed till after the next lockdown easing, will be 26th June, with a change of location to Arnside, and not the Lake District to avoid traffic.
The next coach outing will be to Silverdale on 10th July instead of Ulverston.
Ian wishes everyone to wear a face mask on the coach and he will provide hand sanitizer.

If members and non members could use this link to indicate their interest in the upcoming programme it would help with the organisation. We will not be taking bookings.
Since some venues may not be ready to receive coach outings yet, members are advised to bring extra refreshments and drinks. Toilet stops could be at Truckstop if required.
Any subscriptions paid last year will be carried forward to this year.

Wednesday Naturalist Walks to be as stated in the programme but confirm with the leader.

2021/2022 programme
Although we still cannot resume our coach outings, we are now publishing this season’s programme. The destinations may be subject to changes nearer the dates, and where possible these will be announced here and on the club’s Facebook page.

March update
As expected, the walks planned for Saturdays 6th and 29th March, and the lecture on Wednesday the 10th will not go ahead. Nor will the buffet lecture planned for Friday the 26th. And it’s doubtful that the April walks will go ahead either. But of course if anything changes it will be announced here and on the group’s Facebook page.

February update
The current lockdown restrictions mean that the Lancaster to Brookhouse walk planned for Saturday will not go ahead. It is unlikely that either of the walks planned for March will go ahead either, and the same applies to the planned lectures.

North Western Naturalists’ Union
We are an affiliated club and normally receive a printed copy of their twice yearly booklet. However they have now started to produce their quite detailed booklet in pdf form. This link will open it in a new window, and there is a link to their website on our Links page.

Lake District on TV
If you want a taste of what we’re missing, tomorrow night BBC4 is screening the 2nd film in the trilogy “The Life Of A Mountain”, this episode covering Scafell. Next week it’s Blencathra, and the episode covering Helvellyn, shown Tuesday, is available on BBC iPlayer. Here is a link to the website for more information.

January update
Unfortunately, now that Lancashire is in Tier 4 it is unlikely that we can go ahead with the walk at The DeVere on Saturday 6th February.

December update
Unfortunately, now that Lancashire has been moved into Tier 4 we cannot go ahead with the walk at Stanah/Skipool on Saturday, 2nd January 2021.
Despite the doom and gloom I hope you manage to have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

🎅 🎅 🎅 🎅

Keep safe, stay positive and take extra care

It is with great sadness that we have decided to cancel all forthcoming events for our group. This is because of Government advice to curtail non essential travel and gatherings.
I wish that everybody stays safe, looks after themselves and their loved ones and neighbours.
We will keep the lines of communication open through the website and Facebook.
Julie, Secretary

Winter Lectures
We have had an update from the Baptist Church where we hold our lectures.
They could accept us having meetings there with the following restrictions in place:

  • We would need a Covid Policy that they agree with
  • The room would require sanitising before and after the meeting
  • We could not use the kitchen to make refreshments
  • We could not use the toilet facilities
  • We would have to socially isolate, currently 2 metres apart, which would reduce the numbers who could attend
  • We would have to wear face masks.

In view of this the Committee agreed that we would cancel the lectures for this year and review the situation for 2021 in the New Year. We felt our members would not want to attend lectures under these conditions. Carole has been asked to communicate this to the lecturers.
Additionally the coach outings are cancelled until further notice. The restrictions make it economically unviable for the club.

We will review our calendar of events when we are able.

“Our Lancashire”
Fylde Naturalists’ has registered with this website. It is an exciting new website at the forefront of a Lancashire wide initiative linking groups and communities under the banner “Let’s Join Together”. It is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and the website is dedicated to not-for-profit organisations – providing space to advertise the amazing work they do, promote their upcoming events, get their message out to new members or potential volunteers and network with other organisations. In other words it is a hub for local groups that offer social activity, support and friendship to the people of Lancashire – groups who put smiles on faces, strengthen communities and make Lancashire a greater place to live, work and play.
Although currently groups are not meeting as they follow government guidelines in response to Covid-19/coronavirus, social groups will have an enormous significance in the coming months and are continuing to prepare for the time when general social activities and support can resume – and people can get back together! All groups are welcome to register and publish with Our Lancashire now, in the hope that with a little more time on their hands, people can be looking for, and looking forward to – new and even more social activity.
Individuals can join and additional benefits include accessing information on funding, training and support, and 6 (15 during coronavirus crisis) free DBS checks for volunteers of groups with less than £150K turnover. Visit the site at: and take a look at what we offer, and the groups and events listed so far.

Colin Rogers
For those who may not be aware, Colin passed away recently (click here for more details and to leave a comment if you wish).

Bill Taylor
For those who may not be aware, Bill passed away on 13th April (click here for more details and to leave a comment if you wish).

Turton & Entwistle and Wayoh Reservoirs walk, 7th March
Simon has posted a report from the recce on 25th February
Dave has posted some images from the walk on the 7th March

Chipping walk, 22nd February 2020
Rosemary has posted a review of her Chipping walk
Simon has posted a review of the Chipping walk

Lytham walk, 8th February 2020
Simon has posted a review of the Lytham walk

Chocolate Fudge Crinkle Biscuits
Here is the recipe for the biscuits shared on the Marton Mere walk, and here is my report on how it went.

The Coffin Trail
One of the walks we do follows part of the Coffin Trail from Grasmere. This historical explanation about it was posted on Facebook recently.

Dates change
The dates of the walks in March have been swapped around.

Scorton Walk, 16th November
Diane’s report is here.

Ian Hegarty success
This was published in The Evening Gazette on Wednesday.

Pond Trail events
The Friends of North Blackpool Pond trail (NBPT) have issued a programme of events for 2020. Click here to see it.

There are a number of detailed mid-week outings reports for the Naturalists from Owen William, and I’ve copied images and reports of walks from Facebook and put them on the Reports page – admin

Brockholes walk, 2nd November
Diane has submitted a short report with images
Simon has submitted a report

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