Our next walk
Is on Saturday the 27th of April and is in the Hurst Green area, led by Jon Mc Nicholl. A description will be posted when received.

Our last walk
Was on Saturday the 13th of April in the Silverdale area, led by Simon. A description of the walk is here. And Ting has sent some wonderful images and a video here.

Annual Buffet Lecture
Phil Hodson (and possibly Alan Storey) from Poulton Photographic Society will be giving a talk with photographs titled “Fylde Coast and Beyond” at 7:30 pm on Friday the 17th of May at Blackpool Cricket Club (click here for a map). Tickets are £7 (which includes a hot pot supper) and will be available on the coach soon, however we will be taking bookings on the coach from next Saturday to get an idea of numbers. Members are asked to donate a prize (or prizes) for the raffle.

Our 30th of March walk
Was in the Roddlesworth area, near Bolton, led by Julie McGough. This was a change to the printed calendar because Julie found many fields waterlogged, and is a different route to the one led by Chris Wareing last October. A description of the walk is here. And some photos from Diane are here.

North West Naturalists Union
We are affiliated to the NWNU and have just received their latest newsletter which can be viewed or downloaded here.

Our 16th of March walk
Was around the Jumbles and Wayoh reservoirs near Bolton, led by Margaret Sowerby. A description of the walk is here.
Photos from Ting are here. And a map of the walk is on the Walk Maps page here.

2024-2025 Programme
For information about this season’s programme please check the Programme page. A printed version of what walks we have so far will be available on Saturday’s walk.

Photos from our walks
I’m Simon, the webmaster, and you’ve probably met me on the walks. I really need the same wonderful photos that you put on Facebook, for your website. They will be appreciated by those who can no longer walk with us and by those who don’t use Facebook, and they can encourage people to join our group. You can send the photos by email, or you can email a link to a Google Photo Album. Alternatively I can send you a link to upload them to DropBox (it’s easy). My email address is I’m happy to receive photos from any of this season’s walks, and the submission form lets you choose which walk they are from.
I look forward to being overwhelmed with images 😊.

Our 2nd of March walk
Was from Milnthorpe to Arnside. A description of the walk is here.
Ting and Simon have submitted photos from the walk. A map of the walk is on the Walk Maps page here.

Our 17th of February walk
Was at Bleasdale, near Garstang. This was the first coach walk of the year, and was a gentle 6 mile walk to start us off gently. There were no steep climbs and the usually muddy section was no where near as bad as expected despite the recent wet weather. Ting has sent her usual excellent photos. A map of the walk is on the Walk Maps page here.

Our 3rd of February walk
Was at Stanah/Skipool in Thornton, led by Diane.

Our first walk of 2024
Was at Marton Mere on the 6th of January, led by Chris Butler. The ground was too wet for the usual route so we did part of it and then walked round Stanley Park. Thanks Chris. Ting has sent some photos from the walk.

Our last walk of 2023
Was at Lytham on the 9th of December, led by Rosemary. We made our own way there and met at the Railway Station car park at 1pm (click here for a map, opens in a new window).

Santa Dash 2023
Karin Worden and myself are doing the Santa Dash on Sunday, to raise funds for Bryan House, part of Trinity Hospice. If you’d like to sponsor us (any amount gratefully received) then please email me ( Last year we raised £140 so that’s a target to beat.
Thank you 😊

Our 11th of November walk
Was a local one at Scorton, followed by a meal for members. Bev has sent some photos from the day.

November 8th Presentation
Was given by Howard. It was an informative and entertaining talk about the Isle of Arran, covering Geography, Geology and wildlife. Thank you Howard.

Our last coach walk
Was on the 28th of October at Abbey Village, Brinscall, led by Chris Wareing. Ting has sent lots of photos from a nice walk. And Beverley has also sent some.

Our 14th of October walk
Was at Slaidburn, Forest of Bowland, led by Chris Wareing. Details of the walk are here. Bev and Simon have sent in photos from the walk. Ting has also sent some photos.

Our 30th of September walk
Was in the Silverdale area, led by Simon. Photos have been sent by Simon, and Chris Butler.

Our 16th of September walk
Was at Mitton, near Clitheroe, led by John Mc Nicoll. Simon has sent some photos. And Ting has sent some photos.

Our 2nd of September walk
Was at Witton Country Park, Blackburn, led by Beverley. Details are here.
Chris Butler has sent some photos from the day here
And Ting Luo has sent some here

Lancaster to Heysham walk, March 2023
Angela Carr has sent in some images from our first walk in this season’s programme. You can view them here.

Our 19th of August walk
Was at Levens led by Julie McGough. There are some photos from Dave here, some from Beverley here, and some from Ting here.

This Wednesday’s outing location was Elswick
Resident Phil Hodson talked about the affect that a new pond has had on the local wildlife. We met at Elswick Village Hall car park (PR4 3UD) at 11am. Anyone who has been to our buffet lecture will know what a renowned nature photographer Phil is. He is an award winning member of Poulton Photographic Society, and you can see examples of his work here.
Owen and Simon have both submitted reports.

St. Michaels outing, 9th of August 2023
A report has been sent in by Barry, with photos from Howard.

Our 5th of August walk
Was at Arnside, led by Chris Butler. Dave Blant has sent a report here.

Our 22nd of July walk
Was at Windermere, led by Dave and Carol. Details and photos are here.

Pilling Lane Ends outing, 12th of July 2023
Photos have been sent in by Howard

Our 8th of July walk
Was at Ings, near Windermere, led by Chris B. Details are here.

Stanley Park outing, 28th of June 2023
Owen has submitted an informative report here.

Our 24th of June walk
Was at Leighton Moss, led by Julie. Basic details are here.

Our 10th of June walk
Was a circular one at Ormskirk led by Chris W. Details are here.

Our 27th of May walk
Was at Skelwith Bridge led by Dave and Carol. Details of the walk are here.

Heron Way outing, 31st of May
Howard has submitted a report here.

Grizedale Bridge outing, 17th of May
Owen has submitted an educational and entertaining report.

Our 13th of May walk
Was at Hurst Green, led by John Mc Nicholl. Dave Blant has supplied this report with photos.

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Wednesday Evening Presentations, Parking Restrictions
The parking situation at Forest Gate Baptist Church has changed since last year so it important that you are aware of the new rules. There are only three spaces available for us in the car park and the three who have parked must enter their details into the tablet on the right hand side as you enter the building. Failure to do so may result in a £100 fine.

North Western Naturalists’ Union
We are an affiliated club and normally receive a printed copy of their twice yearly booklet. However they have now started to produce their quite detailed booklet in pdf form. This link will open it in a new window, and there is a link to their website on our Links page.

Please send comments or suggestions to the webmaster