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This is a pleasant walk of about 6 miles with no hills, not much mud, and just 3 stiles one after the other.

After calling at Truckhaven we start the walk near RSPB Leighton Moss where we have a short walk along the road before we turn to walk along the side of the golf course and into Trowbarrow Nature Reserve and quarry. We’ll spend a few minutes here for people to look around and take photos.

We then walk along decent paths to pass Hawes Water and walk through Gait Barrows Nature Reserve, turning at the end of Hawes Water to walk across fields to reach the railway line. This is where we meet our stiles, with one either side of the lines. There are now green and red lights to indicate whether it is safe to cross, but please take care crossing the lines.

The last stile is at the other side of the field, and comes out onto a road, so once again please take care. We then have a short walk on the road and carefully cross a junction on our way to Eaves Wood Nature Reserve. From here we make our way to Silverdale Cove and lunch, which will be around 1 o’clock.

After lunch we walk across the Lotts and into Silverdale where we walk along the pavement before crossing the road to start the walk back to Leighton Moss. Some of the paths are on limestone so take care as it can be slippy. When we cross Bottoms Lane we cross some fields to get to The Row.

We then walk along The Row down to join Slackwood Lane before turning right down to Leighton Moss for toilets and the cafe.

I hope everyone enjoys the day. Simon

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