This is our planned programme of events for 2021/2022 (opens in a new window, you can download/print if you wish). There are links to the individual activities below. As you will see, it is largely a repeat of last year’s programme which didn’t take place. Obviously it is unclear, as yet, when we will be able to resume our activities, however we have decided to hold our prices for one more year. Anyone who paid their subs in February 2020 will not need to renew until next year (March 2022).
Once we resume our coach outings there will be a walk on the dates specified. However, there could be some last minute changes regarding the location of a walk, so it would be best to visit out website regularly to keep abreast of any changes. This could be for various reasons including starting off with less strenuous walks, changes because of closure of cafes, pubs etc. We will try to stick to the programme as closely as possible.
Looking forward to seeing you all in our post-Covid world! We always welcome new members so please encourage your friends to join us.

We run different events throughout the year with Midweek Outings, Saturday Walks, and Lectures.
Saturday Walks: All Year
Midweek Outings: May to October
Lectures: September to March

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