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This is a circular walk of about 5.5 miles from Beetham, with the usual stop at Truckhaven on the way. After being dropped off we walk through the village, with a short stop at the church before carrying on to a grassy slope (take your time going up). We then make our way through the woods to reach the Fairy Steps after about a mile. Because of the steepness and width of the narrow passage, we advise members not to go down this way but to follow the walk leader instead.
After another mile and a half we come out into a clearing with good views, where we stop for lunch. After lunch we walk downhill then follow a quiet road down towards the coast. After carefully crossing the road we walk down to the estuary where we may see coastal birds, and following round past the weir we cross the same road to go into Dallam Park where we can have a rest stop by the river. Then we walk up the slope, possibly seeing deer, and on towards Beetham where toilets and refreshments are available at the Wheatsheaf pub or the cafe above the Post Office.
Hope you enjoy the day, Simon.

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