Beverley Peacock – Levens walk, 19th August 2023

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Thank you, Julie, on another wonderful walk, luckily the rain held off, though when we stopped for lunch and it began to spit, I was doubtful it would, but it did, it was a marvellous walk.

We did manage to see the deer in Levens Park if from only a distance and they disappeared just as quickly as we spotted them. The goats however put on a wonderful display of tree climbing and stunt work that any stuntman would be proud of.

The river was at full force, which provided some wonderful rapids and waterfalls for us to view. I learnt a very interesting fact whilst watching the river, that the salmon swim here in September and if you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of them swimming upriver. May pop back in the hope of seeing this event. It was a wonderful walk around the estate along the side of the river, through fields and back to Levens for the biggest slices of cake I have seen.

It is when doing lovely walks like this that you truly appreciate what the countryside has to offer, and not too far from home. Thank you again Julie and everyone else involved in making these walks possible.

Can I just take the time to say Thank You to all of those who organise these walks for our pleasure, I am sure most of us do not understand the work that you all put in to make these walks happen. We normally turn up at our stop, get on the coach, sit down, and have a good old natter, we do the walks and enjoy them, we get back on the coach and go home, but behind the scenes are all the committee working hard to achieve these walks for us. They are planning, arranging the travel, and not forgetting sending out the information we need to know where we are going. So, thank you to you all for this.

And not forgetting the leaders who have the very hard task of finding a route for us all to do, they go and recce the routes, they find the routes, work out where we are going, plan the stops for refreshments, somewhere we can get dropped off and picked up. A route that is not too hard that is interesting and all this they do it for our enjoyment, giving up their time so we get a good day out.

Thank you to you all.

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