Beverley Peacock – Burscough walk, 29th October 2022

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Thank you, Chris for a lovely walk yesterday despite the odd bits of rain it was a very enjoyable day.

We got to see so many different things along the way, some I was not sure about, and others just left you thinking about how much work goes into producing the food we eat, the fields of cabbages, carrots and all the other crops we saw along the way was evidence of this. I love all the knowledge in the group, and we had a lovely discussion about dandelion and burdock pop, when the burdock plant was pointed out, yes something new I have learnt again whilst walking with you all, and knowledge I can now pass on to my grandson.

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admin · October 30, 2022 at 19:24

Lovely photos Beverley. I like seeing the work of others, they have different viewpoints and interests

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