Simon Graham – Yealand to Beetham walk, 2nd October 2021

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A large group of 10 were dropped off in Yealand Redmayne to start what we expected to be a very wet walk, but apart from a few light showers we weren’t troubled by the weather at all. We climbed up Summerhouse Hill, passing the burial mound inside the largest stone circle in Lancashire, on our way to the bench and viewpoint overlooking Leighton Hall. We then retraced our steps and headed left towards Beetham.We didn’t see much fungus at all on the walk and stopped for lunch at our usual spot, although we sat under the trees in case it rained. After lunch we walked towards where we usually look for sloe berries, and then turned right onto a path that was new to us, passing Gait Barrows Nature Reserve on our left, and walking through Slack Head to reach Beetham and the Garden Centre. A nice walk of 6.5 miles with friends, thank you Julie.

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