Anne & Mike’s Brock Bottoms walk, 2nd June 2021

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Fylde Naturalists’ walk, 26th MAY 2021, Brock Bottoms

The weather did not look promising with lowering grey cloud and light drizzle but by the start time of 12.00 the cloud was breaking up and the sun came out.
The path from the car park along the river bank was mostly dry with only a few muddy puddles to avoid.
The sound of the river was constant and birdsong was all around us. We were fortunate to spot a kingfisher shooting across the river and more than one dipper bobbing in the shallows.

Despite the late flowering season this year we managed to make quite a varied species list.

Garlic mustard
Meadow buttercup
Red campion
Herb Robert
Yellow iris
Greater plantain

Creeping buttercup
Salad burnet
Stinging nettle
Common red sorrel
Marsh marigold

Greater stitchwort
Lesser stitchwort
Common cleavers
Common dog violet
Pale persicaria
Cow parsley

We were lucky to see two Small White butterflies and one Orange tip in the meadow area. An as yet unidentified Mayfly was netted, photographed and released.

Mike Bloomfield and Anne Smith

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